Hess Greg Hill Rules Transcript
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Greg Hill: Hi, I’m Greg Hill. I’m President and Chief Operating Officer of Hess Corporation.

At Hess Corporation, I want you to know that we put people first, both our employees and our contracting partners. We all have a responsibility in safety, and I need you to take personal accountability for everyone’s safety in our operation.

The way that you can help me take personal responsibility for safety is in two primary ways. First of all, if you see an unsafe act or a condition, no matter how small, you have my permission and you have an obligation and a personal responsibility to stop the job. The second way that you can take personal responsibility for safety is to follow The Hess Rules. These are nine rules that govern very high- risk activities in our business and we know that if you follow those rules to the letter that we can prevent significant incidents and prevent catastrophic events.

Now, we’ve got some great materials to help you understand the rules and to understand how to follow them, and we want you to work these with your teams to understand how you can implement them in your daily business.

Our goal is zero incidents and our mantra is everyone, everywhere, every day, home safe.

In closing, I want to say thanks for being part of the Hess family and for doing your part to make sure that we achieve zero incidents in our business.